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Only white women have the privilege of reclaiming the word ‘slut’ without facing any real social penalty. Miley Cyrus, for instance, is being hailed as a woman who is in control and liberated, unlike her black counterpart Rihanna. Rihanna does not get worshiped for owning her sexuality or her agency. Rihanna gets pity, scathing criticism, and popular feminist magazines wanting to ‘save’ her from exercising choices they do not agree with. Many mainstream feminists feel entitled to police Rihanna’s black female body; even Lena Dunham could not resist. However, if you look closely you can see that Miley has been feverishly studying and has been influenced by the Rihanna’s bad girl playbook.

White women may also be allowed to transcend their ‘sluttiness’ when they feel the need to do so. Both Angelina Jolie and Madonna have been able to shed their past bad girl images seamlessly. Whiteness affords white women the ability to try on different identities while their racial privilege remains intact. Because in a society that values whiteness over all else, to be white is to be human and all non-white persons must audition for their humanity.

The bodies of black women are highly politicized and critiqued no matter who they belong to, from the first lady to ‘the help.’ The physical movements and choices of black women are always viewed through a filter of suspicion. In order for me to claim my right to be a ‘slut,’ I first must win the battle to be able to fully claim my humanity.

Lutze B. (@FeministGriote)

This is a quote from her exquisite essay Why I Won’t Call Myself a “Slut” on Salon. MUST READ. An important and timely examination of sexual agency through an intersectional lens.

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why do i eat when im bored

eating is like the simplest thing ever next to breathing

like it’s not an ~activity why on earth



why did they hire

a human actor

to play

a dragon

youre right they should have hired a dragon

dear asshole:

you think i’m easy to piss off

i think that’s funny because you haven’t actually seen me pissed off

this is me telling you to piss off

this is not me pissed off

and you think i appreciate assholes

which is pretty funny bc i clearly dont appreciate your delusional ass

go get help seriously

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you would be correct

i am an absolute callous bitch to people who piss me off past a certain point

in other words, to creeps like you

my friends never have to see that side of me because my friends aren’t fucking creeps


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this fuckin guy

my exact emotions

funny that you think you know me better than people i’m actually friends with 

do yourself a favor and get a life

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